What Is Twitter Blue Tick ? How To Apply For Twitter Blue Tick

What Is Twitter Blue Tick

What Is Twitter Blue Tick? How To Apply For Twitter Blue Tick – Twitter is a very popular social media platform in today’s time. By the way, there were many social media platforms on the Internet, of which Facebook WhatsApp Instagram is the main one. Out of all these social media platforms, Twitter is the most different social media platform. The biggest reason for this is that you have more than one celebrity politician, big NGO present on the Twitter media platform.

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Twitter is a platform where you can easily reach your point of view. If you use a Twitter account, then you must have noticed that some people have a blue tick on their account. Have you thought that why this blue tick occurs only on the account of very few people. If you don’t know about twitter blue tick. You do not need to worry because today we will give you complete information about Twitter Blue Tick through this article in detail.

What Is Twitter Blue Tick ?

There is a question in the mind of many users that what is blue tick after all. You must have seen by now that people who have blue tick on their account. You must have noticed that the people whose account is blue ticked, that account belongs to a good celebrity or a politician. The account on which the blue tick is put, the account is verified by Twitter in a way that this account is a real account.

Here we want to tell for the information of all of you that there are two types of accounts run on Twitter. There are accounts that are verified, which we call Blue Tick Verified Account. And secondly those accounts which are non-veg fight on which there is no bluetooth installed. For your information, let me tell you that 90% of the accounts on Twitter are used non-verified.

Terms And Conditions For Twitter Blue Tick

If you wanted to verify your Twitter account with blue tick, for this you have to fulfill some terms and conditions which are as follows.

Your Twitter account must be created with your real name.

Your mobile number must be added to your Twitter account. And also your mobile number must be verified with your Twitter account.

The email id that you have added to the Twitter account must be made from your real name.

In the Twitter account, it is necessary to give complete information about yourself in the resume.

Your real profile photo should be attached to the Twitter account.

You add your real date of birth in twitter account.

Your Twitter account setting should be public. Many people keep their Twitter account private. If your Twitter account is also private then you will not get Twitter blue tick.

It is very important for you to have a scanned copy of your Real ID proof so that you can verify your account.

How To Apply For Twitter Blue Tick

If you also want to verify the Twitter blue tick account, then for this you follow the steps given by us. Apart from this, we have told you the terms and conditions for Twitter Bluetooth. If you comply with all those terms and conditions. So you can get Twitter Blue very easily.

To apply Blue on Twitter, you can apply for Blue Tick by visiting their official website verification.twitter.com. After this, whatever information is asked from you in a form, after filling all the information correctly, submit the form.

After verifying all the information given in the form, your Twitter account will be verified by Twitter through blue tick and your Twitter account will also be blue ticked.


Friends, through this article, we have given you complete information about what is twitter blue tick account and how to apply for twitter blue tick account in detail step by step. I hope you all liked the information given by us. If you liked this article, then you must give your opinion by commenting. Thank you.