What Is RSS Feed ? How Does It Work ?

What Is RSS Feed

What Is RSS Feed? How Does It Work ? –  If you are using a blog or website, then you must have definitely heard the name of RSS Feed. If you have created a blog or you like to read another blog, then it is very important for you to know what is RSS Feed. With the help of RSS Feed, you can read many different Wesbites articles in one place. Apart from this, RSS Feed is also useful while adding website in Google News, Bing News, Yaho etc. That is why in this article we are going to tell you what is RSS Feed? how does it work? –

What is RSS Feed ?

Where is RSS Feed Really Simple Syndication Feed. Today many websites are using Developer and Blogger RSS Feed. In today’s time, there are some people who like to read articles from different websites. In such a situation, they subscribe to RSS feeds of different websites, so that they get notification as soon as new posts are updated.

If you are a Blogger and you have used RSS Feed in your website and any other user has subscribed to your RSS Feed then as soon as you update a post, its notification will reach that user and he will send your post immediately. Will open it and see. In this way, traffic will also increase on your website and popularity will also be available as well.

If RSS Feed has been provided on a blog or website, then it will be visible in Orange Color. You can subscribe to it by clicking on it. If you like to read the content of different websites and you want to be notified as soon as the content is updated on all those websites, then you have to go to all those websites and subscribe to RSS Feed. If you have subscribed to RSS Feed, then you will get all its notification in your Email and Blog Reading App and by clicking on it you can read it very easily.

How To Use RSS Feed ?

If you want to subscribe to RSS Feed, then for this you will need a Feed Reading Software or Mobile Application. If you want to read RSS feed on smartphone then you can install App from Google Play Store and if you want to read RSS Feed on computer then you can install Software.

All Feed Reading Application and Software are always running in the background and as soon as the website you subscribe updates any new content, then you will get its notification immediately. This notification will be found in your Email and Feed Reading App or Software, by clicking on which you can read the content of that website very easily.

In today’s time, a lot of feed reading software has been available for different platforms. For your information, let us know that there are two types of Feed Reading Software: First Desktop Based and secondly Web Based. Amphetadesk, FeedReader and NewsGator Desktop Based are some of the best and popular Feer Reading Software.

Apart from this, My Yahoo, Bloglines, Google Reader are some popular web based feed reading platforms. If you install Feed Reading Software in your device, then you can subscribe to your favorite website and read its content and store it.

Why Use RSS Feed ?

The question of a lot of people will be that when we can open the content through the website then why use RSS Feed? Using RSS Feed makes your time and at the same time you can read the contents of many different websites in one place. If you subscribe to the RSS feed of a website, then you get the notification of all the content uploaded on that website in your Feed Reading App or Software and Email.