What is internal link and external link ?

What is internal link and external link

What is internal link and external link? – Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  I once again present to you all with a lot of interesting information.  Today in this article we are going to tell you what are internal links and external links?  So friends, if you also want to get information about this internal link and external link, then definitely read this article till the last.

In this article, we will tell you how external link and internal link work and what they are used for, and many people are worried about how to use it, then friends, you have to complete this article to know it.  If you have to study carefully, let’s start without taking time.

What is LInk ?

Friends, what is this internal link and extertnal link, it is very important for you to understand it well, what is really this , you can tell from one side that the link from one person to another means that it is also a kind of link  Similarly, your internal link and external link also have it.

Friends, you can also understand this link such that connecting one object to another means that connecting a mobile to a computer is also a link.

  • What are the types of hyperlink
  • There are three types of hyperlinks.
  • Internal link
  • External link
  • Anchored link

What is internal link

Friends internal link is that if we have the same website and we have a lot of articles written, we have to show it on another page, then we also use internal link for that.

Friends, using the internal link, we can go to any article and get its information, and if any article we write about it and any other information related to it, then we can use the internal link there.

What is external link

Friends, I have just told you above that what is an internal link , just like you have an external link, there is just a slight change in it.

Like we used to add a link to our website in our article earlier, in this article, we add a page of someone else’s website to it.

What is anchored link

Friends what is this Anchoredd link?  This is your anchored link that it is quite different from internal link and external link.  In which the link has to be used at only one location.  In this, there is a post and any page in which the articles of that website are written, adding the link in it so that any person goes to that website and clicking on that link, he gets to the new page.

Why linking is important

Friends, it is considered very important to give a link in an article because this link is therefore necessary.  That if you post an article on your website and give a link in the article of that website, then any user sees that link, then open it and read it.  It benefits you a lot.  Because he opens the link then the number of views and ranks on your website increases more.  For this, it is very important to give a link in an article.


Friends, in this article today, we gave you complete information about internal links and external links.  Do not forget to write in the comment section how you liked this information.  And stay connected with our website to read such articles.  Thank you very much for reading this article and have a nice day.