What is Android Auto and what is its function? Know its benefits

What is Android Auto and what is its function

What is Android Auto and what is its function ? Know its benefits – In today’s time, excellent connectivity features are being provided in almost all cars and some motorcycles. Among these connectivity features, Apple Car Play and Android Auto topped the name. You will often wonder what is Apple Car Play or Android and what is its function. If you are thinking like this, then for your information, let us know that Android Auto and Apple Car Play offers you some great features, which improve your driving experience. With the help of Android or Apple Car Play, you can easily take advantage of many other features like map navigation, music and calls.

What is Android Auto and what is its function? Know its benefits

For your information, till April 2020, technology like Android Auto Apple Car Play has been launched in 36 countries of the world including India. In Android Auto or Apple Car Play, you get very amazing features, which makes it very easy for you to do some work. According to this technology, there is a screen in your car, in which you can take advantage of navigation, music, video, message, call, etc. In this article, we are going to tell you about the features of Android and its benefits.

How to download and install Android 12 ?

What is Android Auto ?

Android Auto Car, developed by Google, is a driving companion application for calls, messages, entertainment and navigation head units. It can be used by connecting to a smartphone running on Android operating system. Android Driver provides the features its driver needs. This eliminates many problems for the driver. At present, features like navigation, music, call and messaging have been given in this technology. But it is expected that in the future it may get features like fuel level, wheel speed, high-quality car, GPS antenna, directional speaker etc.

How does Android Auto work ?

Under Android Auto technology, a screen is provided in your car, which is connected to a smart phone. It acts as a casting function from your phone, but it does not show all the functions of your smartphone. Because this is only possible with screen mirroring software or HDMI screen connection.

Apps like Google Maps Google Play Music, Google Podcast Phone Spotify and YouTube Music appear in the given screen to use Android Auto technology. To use it, you will have to download and install the Android Auto app by going to the Google Play Store in your phone. You will have to connect your phone to the system head of the car with a USB cable. Then click on the Android Auto icon from the dash screen. After this, the Android Auto screen will open in the dash of your car. Supports both touch and button systems on the screen provided in your car.

Features and benefits of Android Auto

Android Auto connects your phone to your car’s date system. Through this, you can use Android Auto related applications like Google Maps, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music etc. Apart from this, you can also control calls and messages while driving. The Google Assistant feature has also been provided in Android Auto, by which you can give voice commands and use different functions.