These Special offers Came for Jio Fiber’s Gold Plan

Jio Fiber’s Gold Plan: And tell that this change has been updated on the company’s official website. In the offer offered by the company, the data found in all the year plans from users’ bronze to titanium has now been doubled. That is, users can now take advantage of the facility of double data and it will be especially useful for such users who are working from home to office and they need more data. Let’s know in detail about the changes made in Jio Fiber plans.

Jio Fiber's Gold Plan

Bronze Plan

According to the information given on the official website of Reliance Jio, if a consumer has a silver plan, then he gets the benefit of 250GB data monthly, while now after the new benefits, users will get the benefit of 100GB more data. Apart from this, benefits are being given in this plan due to 100GB lockdown. At the same time, 100GB double data plan and 50GB introductory data is available.

Silver plan

After the annual subscription of the Silver plan, users will get additional data. In this year plan, users can take advantage of 800GB data per month. Apart from this, 200GB Plan Benefit, 200GB Double Data Benefit, 200GB Introductory Data and 200GB Annual Plan Benefit are available. (It also )

Gold plan

If you are using Jio Fiber’s gold plan then you will get 1,700GB of data per month. It includes 500GB annual plan benefit, 250GB introductory data, 500GB double data benefit due to lockdown and 500GB plan benefit.

Diamond plan

Talking about the Diamond plan, users will get 4,000GB of high speed data every month after taking an annual subscription. This includes 1,250GB monthly data, 250GB introductory data benefit, 1,250GB double data due to lockdown and 1,250GB plan benefit.

Titanium plan

If you use Titanium plan, then tell that in this year plan you will get 15,000GB of data every month. Users can avail 5,000GB plan benefit, 5,000GB double data and 5,000GB annual plan benefit due to lockdown in this plan.