These 10 glorious status on your Whatsapp on the occasion of Rakshabandhan

These 10 glorious status on your Whatsapp on the occasion of Rakshabandhan
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On August 26, the festival of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated across the country. On this occasion, every Indian will send congratulatory messages to his brothers and sisters in their own way. In such a way that the most popular, those are Whatsapp status. There is no good news or bad news or any particular day, people in India do not forget to change their Whatsapp status. In such a way, today we are going to tell you some excellent rakshabandan quotas which will be the best for whatsapp status.
1. Never fight with us, sometimes quarreling with us, but without saying we always have the sister’s ability to understand everything we say.

2 . Holi is colorful, Diwali is light full and Rakhi is a powerful relationship. Happy Rakhi! Sponsored Ads

3. All of the stars of flowers are said to say. There are thousands of my brothers. Love You Allot, Happy Defense Binding Brother
4. Together and grew up together, got plenty of love in childhood. This festival has come to enhance brother’s love. Happy Defense Binding.
5. Sister does not just love – kindness, does not ask for big gifts, relationships have remained for centuries, thousands of happy brothers have met.

6. The festival of Rakhi was that brother was also ready for Rakhi Bondage. Brothers say, broach my rakhi now, let it flow, “Leave the wrist, first rupees thousand two.

7. The streets are punished by flowers, girls have kept at every turn. I do not know where you come from, so why have you kept Rakhi in the hands of everyone.

8. Her hussain kaleja rag, an arrow left from the nines He smiled, came closer and said, “Rakhi bandhwale, my hero!”
9. You have a discussion in every street, every girl has love for you. There is no miracle at the same time, because in some days it is the festival of Rakhi.

10. Every girl is waiting for you, every girl is helpless for you, every girl has your attention, friend! This is not your awesome, it is Rakhi festival a few days later.

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