Someone is not tracking your mobile number, find out from these four codes.

Someone is not tracking your mobile number, find out from these four codes.

Many of you whose friends complain that your number always comes alive. Never calls. There are times also that someone makes a call to your number and tells the phone out of reach. In such cases, your mobile number is sometimes redirected to another number. So let’s say you are calling 4 USSD codes with whom you can find out if your phone is not being tracked.

Code * # 62 # Many times your number speaks no-serve or no-answer. In this case, you can dial this code in your phone. With this code you can help you know whether your phone has been re-directed to any other number or not. Many times your number is re-directed to the operator’s number.

Code * # 21 #

By dialing this code in your Android phone, you can know that your messages, calls or any other data are not being diverted elsewhere. If your call is being diverted somewhere then this code will help you find the complete details including the number. You will also know the number on which your call has been diverted.

Code ## 002 #

This is a code for Android phones that lets you deactivate all the forwarding of any phone. If you believe your call is going to be diverted somewhere then you can dial this code.

Code * # * # 4636 # * # *

With this code you can get complete information about your phone. Such as the battery in the phone, Wi-Fi connection test, phone model, RAM etc. Let us know that you will not lose your money when dialing these codes.

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