How to use Google Drive? And its Advantages

Google Drive, if you also want to take advantage of this by using Google Drive, then for this you will first have to create an account in Google, after creating an account in Google, you will have to sign up as soon as you sign up, you are ready for your To store the data in the drive, all you need to do is search in your browser. As soon as this is true, Google will automatically open the drive in front of you. Whatever you store the file or folder, you will see it in it. Will give

Google Drive

How to use Google Drive?

Friends, you can upload your data to Google Drive with the help of a mobile phone or computer, to do this you just have to install a software of Google Drive in your phone, it is very convenient for you, it contains different folders. Types of appear whenever you open Google Drive, you can see your data of different categories, friends, whenever we create a folder, we become our own owners, we can see our bio data wherever you want. Suppose our phone is stolen anytime, even with the help of internet, we can easily see our data by logging in with our Gmail ID and password.

Advantages of Google Drive

Friends,Drive has become such a feature today that everyone wants to use it. Friends, if we want to take space in Google for free, then for this we can get only 15 GB of free storage, but if we have more storage If needed, we can make storage by spending some money.

Friends, if we want to get 100 GB of space in Google Drive, then for this we have to pay about $ 2 rupees. Similarly, if we want to get 1 Tb of space, then we have to pay $ 9.99 for this, similarly if we want to get 10 Terabytes. We have to pay about $ 100 per month for this, similarly we have to pay about $ 200 per month to get 20 terabytes of space, similarly we have to spend about $ 300 per month to get 30 terabytes of space.

Drive Benefits

Friends, all these schemes are monthly, if we want to take this scheme for every year, then we also get a discount by the company. Along with changing the time, we also have to change it, that is why if you want to take space by paying money, then You must check the plan first.

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Friends, every one of us has a personal life which includes our personal or family photos etc. We all want to keep them safe with us forever if we save them in our normal phone. Due to the phone format or due to the theft of the phone, all our photos are also deleted and left from us, so if we save our photos in Google Drive, then it will last a lifetime We can see those photos when we go.

Friends, another advantage of this is that sometimes there is a lot of problem in sharing very large files from one place to another, which are small MB files of small size, so we can easily share them from one place to another. But it is a little difficult to share a very large MB file, in such a way, we can upload that file to G-mail and give its link to anyone so that they can also see it easily.