How to Track other People Live Location On Your Mobile

Do you know how to use GPS well? Do you know that GPS works not only for navigation but also for finding people and things

new Delhi. Do you know how to use GPS well? Do you know that GPS is used not only for navigation but also to find individuals and things? Let me tell you that there are some devices and apps based on GPS through which any thing can be searched or tracked. Today we will tell you about 5 such devices and apps that will help you track anything.

Car Safety:

If you have to track your vehicle then it can help MapmyIndia MMI Rover 201. You can use it on your phone or browser.

Staying connected with the family:

If you want to tell your family where you are, you need to connect your phone’s GPS Find your phone. From this, the location can be detected on the map.

For domestic pets:

These trackers found in Rs. 9500 will help track your pet’s location. Its name is Tagg. You have to put it on your neck.

Monitoring children:

If you do not want to call children and keep an eye on them then you should take a TrackID or LetsTrack device. This device starts from Rs 6000. You can put it on your child’s bag or clothes. You can track their location from any browser.

Finding a lost vehicle:

It is designed for two-wheelers. With LetsTrack Bike device you can track your bike or scooter. This will let you know your vehicle’s parking notifications, mileage details and location history. One year subscription will be given in it, after which you will have to buy a subscription of Rs 1,200.

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