How To Rank Your Blog Fast In Google: Get More Organic Traffic

How To Rank Your Blog Fast In Google: Get More Organic Traffic
Get More Organic Traffic

How To Rank Your Blog Fast In Google: Get More Organic Traffic – Hello friends and welcome to our blogging website. Friends, today I am going to talk to you on a very interesting topic again. Today we will talk through this article about how to rank your blog fast in Google: Get More Organic Traffic.

 In today’s time, it has become very difficult to rank the website in Google. We work very hard in our website and its articles, yet our website does not rank in Google’s search engine. If you are also facing this problem, then today we will bring a solution to your problem.

We are going to tell you about some such methods through this article. Which you can follow and rank your website in Google’s search engine very easily. And we will also explain some of the mistakes that most bloggers make. Because of these mistakes, you are not able to rank your website in Google’s search engine.

 We will tell you through this article how to rank your blog or website quickly in Google’s search engine. You only have to follow the tips given by us.

1 – Keyword Research Strategy

 If you want to rank your website in Google quickly. So first of all you should do good keyword research for your website. Some people make a mistake that they start working without doing any research on any keyword. Do good keyword research for your blog. Start doing work only after doing good keyword research.

 First of all, do the primary keyword search for your website. After that you will have to research related and secondary keywords of that primary keyword. You should use the primary keyword as well as the secondary keyword in your blog post.

2 – Keywords Density

 You must also pay attention to the keyword density in your article. Keyword density plays an important role in ranking articles. Because keyword density defines whether your article will rank or not. We should use such keywords related to our main keywords in our article so that even Google can understand what your article is about.

 We should always add such keywords and ads in our articles that people search for. Never use the same keyword again and again in your article. You should use at least 4 to 5 keywords in your article separately. You have to add only articles related to your article in your article. Blog Fast In Google.

3 – Internal Linking

 A lot of people make too many mistakes while doing internal linking. When a lot of people do internal linking in their article, then they do internal linking of any category in any article in their article. This is absolutely wrong from Seo’s perspective. You should do internal linking only in your article according to the category.

 Suppose you are writing on article health. If you do internal linking to a movie review on your help article. So this is exactly the wrong way to do internal linking. If we are writing on article health, then we will use the health category to do internal linking in that article.

4 – Use Tag

 Until now, Tag was not of much importance in Seo. If you did not use the tag in your article, then there was not much difference in the ranking of your article. But since Google’s new algorithm has come. Since then it has become very important to use tags in your article. If you use type in your article, it is very easy to rank your article in Google.

 Your article easily ranks in Google’s search engine with the help of tags. If you want to quickly rank your article in Google’s search engine, then you must use the tag in your article. The tag has proved to be a very important factor in Google rankings at the moment. You only have to use tags related to keywords in your article.

5 – Permalink

 Many people make a lot of mistakes in the EX.permalink of their article. Some people put dates or numbers in Permalink. You never have to make this mistake in the permalink of your article. Because if you put a number or date in your Permalink, then its limits are set.

 Suppose we are writing an article “5 Best Software in 2020”. If we use 2020 in our permalink here, then our article will only rank in this year i.e. 2020. We will not get any benefit of this article next year. Because you cannot edit the permalink of this article. If we do not use any date in the permalink of our article, then we can edit that article at any time.


 Friends, through this article we gave you complete information about How To Rank Your Blog Fast In Google: Get More Organic Traffic. If you follow these methods mentioned by us, then you can easily rank your article in Google’s search engine.

 I hope you will be satisfied with the information given by us. If you like this information, then you must comment and give us your opinion. And if you want to read more articles on such interesting topics, then you must bookmark this blogging website.

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