How To Make Online Driving License From Home ?

How To Make Online Driving License From Home

How To Make Online Driving License From Home? – Hello friends how are you all?  I once again welcome all of you on our new article.  Friends, today we will tell you the whole process to make a driving license , friends, if you also want to make  your driving license, so I request you to read our entire article till last.

How To Make Online Driving License From Home ?

Friends, i sure that you all will know what is a driving license ? , all those vehicles with two whealer and four whealet engines require a license to run them.  This license is called driving license.  The person who holds this driving license would be eligible for driving by the government.  Giving a driving license means that you have learned to drive and drive well.

Friends, as you all will be aware that just a few days ago the Motor Act has been passed, it has been made mandatory to have a driving license to drive a car. Some years ago people did not understand the value of driving license, but since this law came, the administration has completely banned driving without a driving license,

if you do not have a license then you have to also give fine ,if you caught by the police without driving  license so you will have to pay a fine of up to Rs 5000.

The driving license also acts as an identity card for the citizens of India.  Driving license is also required to take benefits of government schemes, friends, if you also want to get your driving license, then for that we will tell you the whole process today.

Friends, you have to take a learning license before getting a permanent license, you can take this learning license from RTO.  Having a learning license nearby means that you are now learning to drive.  This learning license is valid for 6 months, that is, you can drive for 6 months with the help of this learning license.  After 6 months you have to get your license permanent.

Document To Get Driving License

Friends, if you also want to get your driving license, then you must have some documents mentioned below. If you have the documents mentioned below, then you can fill your online form.

  • Birth certificate
  • passport
  • 10 th pass certificate
  • voter ID card

How To Apply For A Driving License Online ?

Friends, if you want to get your license online, for that you will have to go to your RTO website.

After going to the website, you will have the option to apply for one’s driving license online, on which you have to click.

A form will open in front of you, this time you will have to fill your name, your address, age and other details and click on the Continue button.

Now in the next page you will be asked for some of your documents which you have to upload.

Now you have to upload your photo and signature.

Now you have to select the time of appointment as per your convenience and click on Continue button.

Now you have to submit your license application fee, you can submit it online.

When you reach the given address, there will be a test in the computer in front of you, in which some questions will come, you will have to answer all the questions

after you exam, your result will be declared, if you pass then your learning license will be given to you. If you fail, you will have to reapply.

Note- To get a driving license, first you have to get your learning license, after 6 months of learning license, you will have your permanent license,

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This was a small information for you, today in which we told you about  a license cards.  We hope you like this information.  Stay with us for more similar information. Thank you very much