How To Increase Traffic To Your Website ?

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website? – For the success of a blog or website, it is most important to get maximum traffic on it. The biggest reason for the failure of bloggers and bloggers on WordPress is the lack of traffic to their blog. I will tell you today how to increase traffic on website or blog.

Many people all over the world have created free or paid paid website blogs. But not all people are successful in the field of blogging. There can be many reasons for failure in the field of blogging.

There may be reasons such as visitors not visiting the website or blog, blog name or content not appearing in Google search, low loading speed of website, no Google Adsense approval, no Seo keywords etc.

When Google Adsense checks that blog

The biggest reason for not getting traffic on blog is that people do not make the website completely and do not design good blogs. Despite this, they apply Google Adsense. When Google Adsense checks that blog, then it rejects it if there is some deficiency. Many people search tips and tricks to increase blog traffic on Google. Some people buy traffics to increase traffic to the website.

This will bring traffic to the website but only for some time. This will also reduce the ranking of your website on Google.

This will bring traffic to the website but only for some time. This will also reduce the ranking of your website on Google.

Buying traffic is covered under Black Hat Seo Techniques. You will not earn money from Google Adsense. That is why I would like to recommend that you do not buy traffics for your blog and do smart work and post good quality articles.

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

If you want to increase traffic to your blog, first of all, you will have to complete the blog website and design well. If you want to make the blog completely complete and well designed, then read this post completely. Readers will like your blog only after looking good website and completing the website completely and good traffic will start coming.

It is very important to bring traffic to your website from Google. This is called organic traffic. Google AdSense gives good response only when organic traffic is received from Google. This also increases your income. Traffic from Social Media or Youtube is not considered Organic Traffic.

Therefore, to bring organic traffic, we have to take care of small things. If the quality of your post is good, then your post gets organic traffic.

Use Fast Loading Template (Theme)

When applying a theme to a blog or WordPress website, make sure that it is fast. So that opening the blog does not take much time in loading. For this, go to the GT Matrix site and check the speed of your blog page. Because if a reader visits your blog and takes a long time to open it, then it goes back. This also causes your search engine ranking to decrease.

Post Good Quality Content

To increase traffic on any blog, it is important that the quality of the posts you write is good. This will also increase the search engine ranking of your blog. Apart from this, when a reader will read your post and will like it, then he will visit your blog again.

Use Share Buttons

Make sure to put social media share button on your blog post. With this, the reader will share your post on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, etc. This will increase visitors to your blog post.

Make Good Title of Your Blog Post

Whenever you write a blog, make the title of it so that it will be liked by the readers and they should visit your blog to read the post. That is why do not make the title too long nor too short.

Use Related Image in Blog Post

When you write a post on your blog, then definitely put an image related to it. After applying the image, write alt text in it. This will increase the number of visitors to your blog. Applying a good image will also increase traffic to your blog.

Use Keywords & Categories

Keywords are most important for ranking any post in search engine. When you write a post on a particular keyword, that article quickly ranks. When choosing a keyword, make sure that it is in trend. Apart from this, also choose the right category which will help to rank your article.