How to Increase Domain Authority?

Friends, now we talk about this article, if the domain authority of your website is down and you can increase it in just one night, then friends it is not possible, we have to work hard to increase the domain authority and It grows slowly

Increase Domain Authority

How to? Increase Domain Authority?

Let friends tell you some ways with which you can increase authority.
Pay attention to On Page Seo

On-page seo also has a very important role to increase domain authority. While writing an article, keeping the keywords gathered by you in that article is called on-page‌ seo.

Targeted keyword

If you want to make your article in good ranking, for this, you have to pay special attention to the keywords. Focus on the first paragraph, as well as the title itself.

Parmalink structure

If you also want to increase the ranking of your article, then for this you need to pay special attention to your paragraph as well, try to make the paragraph as small as possible, with focus keywords in the paragraph.

Keyword density

You also have to take special care of the keyword density of your article and keep it from 0.5 to 1.5%. This means that do not use keywords too many times in your article, do not use the same keyword too many times, it makes you special Look carefully.

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Heading tags

Friends, if your article is very big, then you can also use the heading tag for your points, this helps your readers to read the article.
Image optimization

Friends, if you want to rank your article, then for that you must resize and cup whatever image you put in your article.