How To Hide YouTube Subscriber From Your Channel ?

How To Hide YouTube Subscriber From Your Channel

How To Hide your subscribers from YouTube ? – Hello friends how are you. I hope you all will fine.  Today i am going to give you a very useful information about YouTube . Friends if you are a youtuber so my article will be very useful for you because in today’s article i will tell you how to hide YouTube subscriber from your YouTube channel,  .

Friend if you also want to hide your YouTube subscribers from your channel so please read my full article carefully.

How To Hide YouTube Subscriber From Your Channel

YouTube is a very good platform for earning . Many peoples are earning money  from YouTube.  If you also a youtuber so you will definitely know that what is the importance of subscribers for our channel.

YouTube Subscriber From Your Channel ?

Friends when you watch other’s YouTube channel you can see their how many people subscribe this channel ? but in some YouTube channel you can’t see subscribers number because the owner of that channel has hide their subscribe .

This is not important to all YouTube’s to hide their subscriber it’s totally depends upon you if you want to hide your subscriber so you can hide and if you not want to hide so don’t hide.

But if you are a beginner youtuber so I recommend you that please hide your subscribers number because when any person visit first time in your channel he will definitely see your subscriber number but if your subscribers are few so he will think that your channel is not good therfor people’s have not subscribe you and he will also not subscribe you .

This is not good for your channel growth but if you hide your subscribers so he will not see your subscriber and he will definitely subscribe your channel

I hope now you will understand that why we need to hide subscriber? . if you also want to hide your subscribers so read full steps carefully given below.

How to hide your subscribers from YouTube channel ?

First of all you have to go chrome browser in your computer and laptop and if you used mobile also please enable desktop mode of your chrome browser.

  • Now you will be see a profile option click on profile icon and enter your Gmail ID and password and press on login .
  • Now you have to search YouTube studio and go on YouTube studio.
  • Now you will see a new page.  Here you can see a settings option click on this option.
  • Then click on channel option.
  • Now click on advanced setting option.
  • You can see a subscribers count box in this count box . A small tick is enable .you have to do disable this tick. And save it.

Now your subscriber numbers has hide successfully from your YouTube channel the peoples are unable to see your subscribers. How To Add Multiple Admin In Facebook Page


So friends this is a small article for you in this article I told you how to hide your subscribers numbers from your YouTube channel? . I hope you all are understand if you want to more technical information so please stay with us thank you