How to Active Auto Replay Service in Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social site all over the world.We can promote our business and website through Facebook.Facebook made page service option for its popularity and now everyone can use this service for the promotion of their business.There is auto reply message option for the Page.This auto reply message option  is made in order to auto reply message when there is numerous users in the Page by the admin because it is very difficult to reply everyone separately.This service option is given only to Admin. Before using this feature you must have firstly activate this service. So we are telling you how you can activate this service…….. For the activation of auto reply service firstly you have to active this respective service then you have to set the messages you want to reply.

* Activate the facebook page message

Step 1

Go to the facebook page settings.

Step 2

Open the General option by clicking on it.

Step 3

There displayed three options when you click on General option which are follows: 1- General Setting      By using this option                   one can set up the sending messages to  return key. 2- Response Assistance      Click this option and you can see three further options:

*Stay responsive when you can’t get to your computer or phone-

By active this option message will automatically send from your side as a reply when you are not online.

** Send Instant Replies to anyone to anyone who message your Page-

By active this option Facebook itself reply message wheather you are online or offline.

* Show a Message Greeting-

With the help of this option you can send greeting messages to users.

3- Subscribed Apps-

     In this option all the apps are displayed which are subscribed to your page. Now Facebook Auto Reply message is activated on your Page. And whether you are online or offline messages  as a reply will automatically send to users who send messages. Hope you like this post ,if you do then comment us in comment box.And you can share this with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc.