How many times have you been born?

How many times have you been born
Today we are going to tell you in this post about the wonderful mystery associated with rebirth, so many friends of people who believe in reincarnation will be there. But today we are going to tell you some facts through which you can know that you mean that your soul has been reborn again on Earth.
Adoption to someone in the first meeting:

Maybe you are meeting someone for the first time, but you feel like you are feeling strange about them as you have already met them. And you think why I am feeling so much attached to a stranger, that is because maybe you have been in good relationship with that person in rebirth or if he is your best friend. Sponsored Ads

The same dream come again and again:
When you come to the same dream again and again, it means that your dream of this dream can be from your rebirth. The people who appear in this type of dream seem to be familiar, but you do not remember where and where you met them but you feel it. That means you probably have seen them somewhere. That which can be seen repeatedly in your dreams can be a neighbor friend of your former life or a relative. That is why you come to him and his dreams again and again.

Special devotion to someone:

If you have a special emotional attachment for anything, such as orphans, have pity for old age, disabled or beggars. That means when you see them, they feel compassion and sympathy in your heart and you want to do something for them. This means that you may have been associated with similar situations in earlier life.

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