Google Android 10 Official: will soon be available for these smartphones

Android 10 had been waiting impatiently for the past several months. Yesterday or September 3, the stable and final version of this latest operating system of Google has been officially rolled out for the Google Pixel series. The features of Android Q (Android 10) were first reported at the Google I / O held this year. Until now this operating system was in beta phase. So far 5 developers of Android 10 beta have been rolled out. Its developers Beta version 5 has been rolled out for the Google Pixel series as a stable version.

Android 10 is more secure
With Android 10, Google has broken its age-old tradition. For the first time, Google has not named its operating system on any dessert. Google Android 10 also has many features similar to Apple iOS 13. Android 10 can be called the most secure operating system ever. In view of the demand of users, features like system wide dark mode, sharing features, dual screen compatibility, multi tasking mode, single button use, digital wellbeing have been provided.

Android 10 has many unique features
Focus mode has been introduced in Android 10, which can manage notifications of destructing (annoying) apps to users. Apart from this, the latest features such as Integrated Family Control have been provided. It also has a live caption, as well as navigation systems, gestures, etc. have also been upgraded.

Download android 10 like this
If you use Google Pixel series, then you can download it by going to the settings of your smartphone. To download it, you have to go to System Settings and tap on Advanced Settings. After that you will have to go to system update and check the update of Android 10. Android 10 is rolling out phase wise. It will be rolled out for all Google Pixel devices from a week to a month.

Android 10 will soon roll out for these smartphones
Apart from the Google Pixel series, it will be the first to roll out for smartphones based on the Android One platform. Talking about the Android One platform or the device coming with stock Android, the latest operating system will be rolled out first in smartphones of Xiaomi Mi A series, Nokia, Motorola, LG etc. Apart from this, it can be rolled out for flagship devices of OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi.