Flashlight – Call Screen Flash

Call Screen Flash Arrival! Flashlight plus screen flash for phone calls, the new combo makes your phone flash and colorful now!

Flashlight – Call Screen Flash can instantly turn your phone into a bright led torch by accessing your camera. It is the brightest flashlight ever with 18 cool call themes for incoming caller id. Totally FREE flashlight app! Download the Brightest Flashlight— the best led flashlight 2018 with LED flash and stylish caller screen! The new feature, call flash alert contains NO ads at all! Enjoy this flashlight app now! A good opportunity to make your call flash with LED flashlight alert!

Flashlight – Call Screen Flash Highlights:

+ Best Flashlight – Brightest flashlight plus phone flash on calls! A new combo in the torch light market!
+ Call Flash – Cool caller screen with caller id. 18 stylish call themes for you!
+ LED Flashlight – The most reliable super bright flashlight app, always available led light when needed.
+ Free Flashlight – Super bright flashlight app for Android, trusted by over 10m torch users. No ads for call flash!
+ Power Light – The strongest and most powerful flashlight is very useful led light when power outage.
+ Flash Light – Amazing Strobe flashlight for your phone! Brightest Flashlight supports 9 different strobe flashlight modes.
+ LED Flash Alert – LED alert and the flashlight will light itself when phone call comes to remind you with caller id.

Screen Flash for Calls is our brand-new feature combined to this brightest led flashlight. Your screen will flash with stylish light when phone call comes! 18 modern and stylish call themes are available right now! Personalize your screen flash! Stay cool with caller screen by downloading this brightest flashlight now! Sponsored Ads

Bright flashlight app free instantly turns your phone into a super bright flashlight by accessing your camera flash. It is the brightest led flashlight and torch light! The best flashlight free for Android is trusted by over 10m torch users, providing you with the strongest flashlight led & torch light! Enjoy the brightest flash light and powerful flashlight!

An amazing Strobe Flash Light for your Android! It uses your phone’s LED camera flashlight to simulate 9 different bright strobe light modes. With free flashlight & strobe flash light, you can use brightest flashlight LED at parties, at home, at school and for emergency situations!

Screen & LED Light blinks when phone call comes! With bright powerful flashlight led, you will never miss any important phone calls with flashlight alert. There are various stylish themes for you to choose. Try LED flash alert and call screen themes together to get visual call reminder & flashlight alert on both the call screen and the flashlight simultaneously. The incredible LED flash alert, the best call alert is compatible with most android devices.

With this brightest flashlight led, you can enjoy a high-quality and high-definition user interface with nice and beautiful call screen led light. Download brightest flashlight led right now!

With Flashlight – Call Screen Flash, you can:
+ Stay Cool with Screen Flash on Calls.
+ Never Miss a Call with Call Reminder and Flash Alert.
+ Walk Your Dog After Sunset.
+ Light the Way When Camping and Hiking.
+ Read A Book Before Bedtime.
+ Find Your Keys in the Dark.
+ Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night.
+ Light Your Room During a Power Outage.
+ Repair Your Car in the Dar

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