Dialer Pro for Google Voice

Now days, many users use google voice it is very convenient in daily life.
Sometimes you only want to call certain people with google voice number, for example the number is an international number. Or sometimes, you do not want people know your carrier number to protect your privacy.

This app is right for you, it is a combination of ordinary dialer and google voice dialer.
On dialer screen, widget, contact list screen you will always have two buttons. So you can choose either google voice or carrier number to make a call. Plus, it is ads free.

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1. Dial a number and call with your google voice number directly
2. Dial a number and call with your carrier number directly
3. Pull a widget on your launcher to display the call history
4. On the call history widget, you can dial with google voice number directly
5. On the call history widget, you can dial with carrier number directly

You need to turn google voice app to always dial call via google voice as 1st screen shot.

You can contact me for any suggestions, any comments are warmly welcomed. Especially if you have any new functionalities to recommend me to add into the new version, it would be nice.

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