5 amazing tricks to remove scratches from the phone screen

5 amazing tricks to remove scratches from the phone screen

5 amazing tricks to remove scratches from the phone screen – When you get a new phone, you are very happy to see its style, design and features. At the same time, when the big gleaming screen opens in front, the fun gets doubled. However, with that fun, there is some fear that scratches may occur on the screen and scratches are not desired. The first scratch on the phone is very painful but then slowly it becomes habit and the whole screen starts to look dirty.

In the end the result is that it does not feel like using its own phone. At that time, you cannot do anything by wishing. Because when you go to replace the screen, you have to pay a huge amount and it is bad to use the phone after a lot of scratches.

5 amazing tricks to remove scratches from the phone screen

But today I am going to tell you some similar tricks where you can remove the scratch on the phone. Can not be completely scratch free, but to a large extent, scratches are definitely reduced.

Magic Eraser

Although there are many other tricks to remove scratches from the screen, but the best thing is the Magic Eraser. Magic eraser is mainly used to clean dirt, but it will also play an important role in cleaning up minor scratches visible on the screen. However, remember that you have to use it very carefully.

Car Vox

You must have used Vox Polis to shine your car and bike. This police is also very useful for removing scratches from the screen. Or simply say that it can be considered the most effective. A little polis is to be applied on the screen and rubbed by the cotton until it is dry and then when it dries, clean it with a clean cotton. After this, the screen of your phone will glow and there will be a lot of scratches disappearing.


Have you ever thought that toothpaste brightens your teeth every morning. He will also help you in cleaning your phone. Yes, if not completely, but a little scratch can also be removed with toothpaste. For this, first you have to take a little toothpaste in a cotton and then apply it well on the whole screen. Remember to try to keep the speaker away from it. After a while, you clean the entire screen with cotton. After this, a few scratches will disappear. Do not use gelled toothpaste in it, but rather use this recipe with white toothpaste. If you have a screen protector, then this remedy will be very effective.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is also effective in cleaning the scratches on the phone. For this, first you have to make a paste of baking soda by mixing it with a little water. The paste has to be applied through a cotton well on the screen. Remember that there is water in it, so be extra careful. Otherwise, the phone can be damaged due to water. After applying it on the screen, leave it for a while and when it dries, clean the screen of the cloth. Many minor scratches will disappear from the screen.

Pencil Eraser

The eraser with which children erase pencil writing will also be used to erase scratches from the screen of your phone. To remove the scratch, it has to be gently rubbed on the screen with light hands. Minor scratches will disappear from the screen in a short time. Yes, remember that a good quality soft eraser is to be used. The best pencil for this is the eraser.

Never do this!

In many places you are also taught that to remove scratches from the screen, put vegetable oil, Vaseline jelly, baby powder or banana peel in it. The screen appears flashing for some time with oil and jelly, but they make the screen worse. Banana peel can damage the phone or its slots.