India closes: Exams canceled, high alert at railway station, traders did support

By | December 4, 2018

India closes: Exams canceled, high alert at railway station, traders did support

Gwalior Police and administration have always remembered the bitter experience of the fury that happened on April 2. On Wednesday, Chief Secretary BP Singh, in a video conferencing of police and administrative officials, clearly said that the system will be kept vigilant on the 6th of September closure. Do not let anything happen that a new situation is created. Security on two areas in which areas of law-and-order worsened, on April 2, Due to the speed of the movement of the movement of the general secretary and the movement of the Saranans, the police administration is not ready to take any kind of risk. The Collector and the SP have urged the district peace committee to maintain cooperation and peace in the meeting. On the other hand, the officers are in a state of confusion over the Saran organizations coming out to shut down in case the Section 144 is applicable. You must remove Section 144, we will all be peaceful, Collector Ashok Kumar Verma appeals in the meeting of district peace committee organized in the collectorate, to keep peace with the senior organizations and the officials of the SPX organization. The meeting was attended by Sant Kripal Singh of Saran Samaj, Mahesh Mudgal, Surendra Tomar, Mitendra Singh, Surendra Jaiswal and others.

Officials told the collector- Section 144 should be removed, as if during last call of last closing, there was complete peace, still no peace will dissolve. In the meeting, the officials told the collector about the fate of April 2 that the administration could not do anything before. On this, the collector said that there is no point in uprooting the dead. The office bearers of all the organizations of the upper caste community assured the collector and the SP to maintain peace.

The police administration will remain on the radar, the most susceptible area was the worst law and order in Murar, Thatipur and Dabra in the April 2 riot. This is the reason why the entire belt will be more on the police administration radar. There is a double force compared to other areas and police officers, including the Executive Magistrate, will keep a watch on the SC-ST multiple areas in full-time. Police is also a special alert about all the people of Saran society who come here to shut down.

Gas stations remain closed

Traders have also supported it for the shutting down of India, which will stop the city’s petrol pumps. The highways and police-SAF pumps will continue. According to the Petroleum Dealers Association, such a decision has been taken with closed support and security reasons.

Vacation in educational institutions, government office-banks will open

The collector has declared a holiday on Thursday in all the educational institutions including all private and government schools and colleges. Apart from this, all the government offices, banks and government programs will be opened daily and the work will be done. Passenger transport will not run, Tempo auto unions have announced not to run. Due to the fear of unpleasant situation, this decision has been taken. At the same time, centers of hospitals, medical and emergency services will not be closed. At the same time, the Abhya Kshatriya Mahasabha has appealed for the closure of India and teachers on black day in private schools have black bars. National Parishurama Army organized a meeting urging peace to close the Indo-Bangla band.
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Violation of section

Collector said that Section 144 will be implemented effectively in the district. If more than the prescribed number, if the office-bearers or workers of the organizations will land on the roads to be closed, the case will be settled. Police officers have been directed in this regard

In view of the call of the bandh against the High Alert SC-ST Act at the railway station, the RPF headquarters has declared a high alert. Instructions for linking security arrangements have also been issued at the railway station. On Wednesday, 38 GRP personnel and 16 RPF personnel have been deployed at the railway station. In addition, intensive checking campaign is also being run in trains.

Ambulance will not run

Vice President of Ambulance Association of Jairogai Hospital told that 50 ambulances parked in JAH will not run on Thursday against the SC-ST Act. It is worth noting that presently, the private ambulance is carried out by JAH, so the private ambulance closure can increase the hassle. All the examinations scheduled to be held on September 6 at the University of Jiwaji in JU have been canceled due to closure. The next date for these examinations will be determined later.

Bandh supporters did not open, support will not open today

Given the adverse effects of the Atrocity Act, the Chamber also supported the shutdown. The traders called upon not to open business establishments, will raise voice against the act. Trade Committee Dal Market, Gwalior Iron Traders Association, The Gwalior Wholesale Cloth Mercantile Association, New Market, Gold-Silver Business Association, Sarabha Bazar, Topi Market Association, Narkabagh Market, Subhash Market, Nehru Market, Birla Nagar Industrial Area, Jayendraganj Businessmen Association , Gwalior Sanitary Dealer Association etc. representatives of all major markets were present. The meeting decided that the memorandum of the President and the Prime Minister will also be entrusted in protest against the Act and urgent demand for withdrawal of the law will be sought.

Drug business closed till evening

Chemist Association President Girish Arora said that the bandh is our moral support and to show the opposition bulk drug vendor will keep their institutions closed by 4 pm.

Kat stopped support

Cat also got 6th

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